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auto insuranceNo one likes paying for auto insurance, but not having the right amount can put you and others at great personal risk. So how can you keep your car insurance costs down?

One thing you can do to ensure that you get the lowest rates on the best coverage for your needs, is to shop around. Always take a little time to get multiple car insurance quotes before you commit to any single insurance provider. Companies can vary widely in the premiums they charge for different levels of coverage. In addition to the various deductibles, most insurance carriers will also offer multiple discounts.

We’ve compiled a list of three factors you should clearly understand when requesting online auto insurance quotes:

Coverage Levels – Perhaps the single most important element of car insurance quotes is the level of coverage they provide. Make sure you get adequate bodily injury and liability to meet your state’s legal requirements. In addition, you should consider supplementing your policy with additional coverage, such as comprehensive, collision and uninsured motorist insurance. These may also be required coverage in certain states.

Premiums & Deductibles – Another factor to carefully evaluate when comparing auto insurance companies is the premium you will pay and the deductible you are liable for. Usually, this is one of the variables you have direct control over. Many providers of online auto insurance have interactive sliding graphs on their websites that demonstrate the relationship between coverage levels, premium costs, and deductibles. Basically, as your coverage level goes up, both premiums and deductibles tend to rise. You can then adjust either the premium or the deductible by making concessions on the other – that is to say higher premiums, lower deductibles, and vice-versa.

Discounts – A final factor to consider when shopping for the best car insurance rate is that different insurers offer different discounts, many of which have the potential to dramatically affect your out of pocket insurance costs. Examples of various discounts include bundling discounts for having multiple policies with one provider, so-called ‘defensive driver’ discounts, discounts due to club memberships, good driver/student discounts, low mileage discounts, and more.

So when you’re next in the market to renew your insurance policy or just comparing auto insurance rate quotes, be sure you take the time to compare competitive offers from at least 3 different providers. You will be amazed at how much you can save by shopping around and making a simple switch to a different insurance provider. Some people have reported being able to cut their insurance bills nearly in half with just a few minutes of research. Compare insurance quotes today at Insuret® to see how much money you can save.

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